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Scholarship Opportunities for Alaskans

This year's application period is now closed. View 2023 winners below!


The Bill Countryman Scholarship Program

Each year, Credit Union 1 is proud to offer the Bill Countryman Scholarship Program to Alaskans of all ages pursuing higher education goals. In the words of our honored past Board of Directors member Bill Countryman, "education and adventure keep you young." 

Congratulations to our 2023 winners!

  • Ajay J. - Eagle River
  • Alexa H. - Anchorage
  • Al H. - Bellingham
  • Amber M. - Eagle River
  • Aniela H. - Chugiak
  • Brooke D. - Anchorage
  • Cameron B. - Eagle River
  • Cierra B. - Soldotna
  • Jamez T. - Anchorage
  • David E. - Fairbanks
  • Desmarie Y. - Anchorage
  • Ellie B. - Soldotna
  • Erin K. - Anchorage
  • Hailey P. - Anchorage
  • Joel C. - Anchorage
  • Jordan S. - Soldotna
  • Kao H. - Anchorage
  • Krista S. - Kodiak
  • Landen R. - Anchorage
  • Mariah S. - Anchorage
  • May R. - Anchorage
  • Meg S. - Eagle River
  • Megan H. - Anchorage
  • Michaella R. - Kodiak
  • Nikka-Angela M. - Anchorage
  • Orelvis I. - Anchorage
  • Rebecca F. - Anchorage
  • Renee T. - Chiniak
  • Riley K. - Anchorage
  • Rozlyn G. - Anchorage
  • Samuel C. - Anchorage
  • Sarah N. - Anchorage
  • Sierra M. - Kodiak
  • Sora H. - Eagle River
  • Todd N. - Sterling
  • Trinity H. - Anchorage


Eligible scholarship applicants must meet one of these three categories:

  • Individuals of any age who are continuing their education at an accredited college or vocational school
  • Senior high students applying for admission to an accredited college or vocational school
  • Junior high or high school students through 11th grade applying for the Johns Hopkins CTY Program

The following criteria is used to grant scholarships:

  • Applicant (or their parent) must be a member of Credit Union 1 for at least one year as of April 1, 2023
  • Applicant must show financial need
    Applicant must provide documentation of community involvement and/or extra-curricular activities; however, there is no minimum requirement of involvement
  • Applicants must share details of how higher education will shape their plans/goals

Additional details:

  • There are no class restrictions for scholarship funds; selected applicants will receive funds toward overall tuition
  • The maximum amount awarded varies
  • CU1 employees are not eligible for this scholarship; however, our employees can apply for tuition assistance as a benefit of employment
  • There is no limit to the number of years an applicant may apply; if you applied last year, you're welcome to apply again this year


Our scholarship application period is currently closed. Please check back on January 1 for access to our electronic application. Note that no paper applications are accepted. For assistance, please email