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We’re more than just a financial institution. We’re a social movement for positive change in Alaska.

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As a not-for-profit credit union that serves nearly 100,000 Alaskans, Credit Union 1 is proud to help foster thriving, happy communities by always putting people first. Our credit union calls this homegrown passion #CU1LUV, which inspires everything we do!

We live every day with the mission to lead change, uplift others and value people – and we achieve this goal by offering a full suite of financial services to our members, fundraising for local causes, volunteering our time, teaching financial education and more, all across our state.

Testimonial - Tiffany B
I opened my first savings account when I got my first paycheck, when I was 14, then graduated to a checking account. The person who opened my account sat down with me and explained that I needed to keep track of balances and take care of my account. Eventually, I went from depositing checks to running a branch.

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We'll meet you where you are, to help you see where you can go.

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