Unsecured Personal Loans

Find a personal loan to fit your unique needs.

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Unsecured Personal Loans

Whether it’s an unexpected or major purchase, we have personal loans that will help you stay on track to your financial success. Our unsecured personal loans allow funds ranging from $200 - $20,000. We offer flexible terms and no early repayment fees.


Find a Personal Loan that fits your needs.

Whether it's paying for unexpected expenses like an emergency room visit, a vet bill or financing a major purchase, we have borrowing options to fit your budget. Our unsecured personal loans allow funds ranging from $200 - $20,000.

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Flexible terms and low rates to help you save.

We offer flexible terms and low rates to help you save. With our low rates you can access funds without the worry of affecting your financial journey. A CU1 expert will help find a loan that fits your unique needs.

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No early repayment fees.

Pay off your loan early without a fee. We care about your financial success, and with a personal loan you can pay back your loan amount at any time without a fee.

Access a powerful line of credit through your home’s equity.

Explore the endless possibilities by tapping into your home’s equity! CU1 offers Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs), allowing you to use your equity and turn it into cash. With a HELOC the possibilities are endless.

  • Use HELOCs for greater financial flexibility.
  • Pay off high interest debt.
  • Make major purchases.

  • Add renovations to your home.
  • Use for emergency funds.
  • Use for unexpected purchases and life’s expenses.

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