Savings Accounts

Regular Share Account (S1)

Your Credit Union 1 membership begins with a $5 deposit to your Regular Share account. This $5 establishes and maintains your "share" in the credit union! To earn savings dividends (interest) on your Regular Share balance, simply keep a minimum of $10 in this account.

Additional Regular Share Savings Account (S10)

Saving toward a variety of goals? The S10 savings account is a great way to separate funds for different purposes. By opening additional savings accounts, you can designate specific funds to specific things and withdraw whenever you’re ready.

Premium Savings Account (S19)

The Premium Savings account is a tiered savings account – meaning the more money you deposit, the more you'll earn in dividends. Premium Savings accounts start earning dividends at $5,000, but there’s no penalty for falling below that balance. For folks who have extra healthy savings account balances, this account will help you maintain liquidity of your funds.

Transition Saving Account (S3)

Did you recently receive an inheritance or insurance settlement, or find some cash buried in your yard? The Transition Savings account is PERFECT for you! With this account, you'll earn our best dividend rate on a one-time deposit of at least $5,000. Your special rate will last for one year, and once that year is up, we’ll deposit your funds into another account of your choice. You can only make one deposit into a Transition Savings account, but you can open as many of this account as you’d like (S3.1, S3.2, etc.).

Dollar Dog Kids Club (S12)

This youth account, for kids ages 12 and under, is perfect for learning how to save and spend wisely. Plus, as part of the Club, kids can play games, win prizes and even meet Dollar Dog at CU1 events! Click here to learn more about the Dollar Dog Kids Club!


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