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Fee Disclosure

Each account holder agrees to the terms set forth on this Fee Disclosure and acknowledges that it is a part of the Deposit and Business Account Contracts.

Current Rates   Disclosures

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Effective Date:
7/1/2016 and are subject to change.

Debit and Credit Cards
Rush Orders $30.00 per card For newly approved, lost or stolen cards
Plastic Card Replacement $5.00 per card One free replacement card each year
Transaction Verification Photo $50.00 per request For unauthorized ATM usage determination
International Transaction Fee up to 2% of transaction amount For any card transaction made in a foreign country or currency 
Prepaid MasterCard® Gift Cards
Purchase Fee $4.99 each -
Card Replacement $10 each Fee is charged for replacing a lost card
Monthly Maintenance Fee $2.99 each Fee is charged if there is no use for 13 consecutive months until the account balance reaches $0, except where prohibited by law.
Operator Fee $1.00 per call Fee is charged for speaking with a live operator, except where prohibited by law 
Monthly maintenance and Operator Fees are not applicable in the following states: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Texas, Vermont and Washington.
Credit Union Checks and Money Orders
Cashier's Checks $3.00 each
  • FREE if you have Super Saver, Premium, Business Basics or Business Money Market Spending
  • FREE if payable to self
Money Orders $3.00 each FREE if you have Super Saver or Premium Spending Account 
Electronic Services
24/7 Account Access Free
  • ART: (800) 478–2226
  • Online Access:
  • Mobile Banking

Bill Pay
Consumer Accounts
Business Accounts

$4.95 monthly
$9.95 monthly

  • Fee waived up to 2 months
  • FREE for members with Super Saver or Premium Spending Accounts
E-Statements Free Sign up at a branch or in Online Access

Wires - Domestic
Bank to bank
Recurring bank to bank

$20.00 each
$10.00 each
  • American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and all US Military Atlantic, Europe and Pacific base locations are considered Domestic Wires
  • One-time set-up fee for each recurring preauthorized agreement

Wires  Foreign
Bank to bank

$50.00 each

Incoming Wire

$10.00 each  -
Safe Deposit Boxes
3x10 inch box $55.00 annually
4x10 inch box $65.00 annually
5x10 inch box $75.00 annually
10x10 inch box $115.00 annually
Key deposit $5.00
Lost key/box drilling $125.00 each
Savings, Spending and Certificate Accounts

Savings Account Fees

Premium Savings (S19) $3.00 monthly FEE WAIVED with a $50.00 minimum daily balance

Spending Account Fees

Free Spending (S76) FREE -

Super Saver Spending (S78)

$5.00 monthly FEE WAIVED with $200 minimum daily balance

Premium Spending (S77)

$5.00 monthly FEE WAIVED with $1,000 minimum daily balance

Business Basics Spending (S87)

$10.00 monthly FEE WAIVED with $2,500 minimum daily balance
Business Premium Spending (S81)


$10.00 monthly FEE WAIVED with $5,000 minimum daily balance
Business Super Saver Spending (S88) $5.00 monthly FEE WAIVED with $200 minimum daily balance
IRA (All types combined)  $5.00 quarterly FEE WAIVED with $100 balance(s) at the end of each quarter
Check Orders Variable
  • Charge varies according to style and quantity
  • Can be reordered in Online Access
Claim Processing Fee $20.00 each Stop payment for lost, stolen or destroyed Credit Union 1 checks or money orders

Early Withdrawals on Certificate Accounts

On terms of 1 year or less
On terms of more than 1 year

60 days of dividends
180 days of dividends
There is a 10-day grace period before penalties apply for auto-renewable certificates
Improper MICR $2.00 each Checks rejected for an incorrect MICR number or they are not machine-readable 
Inactive Account Fees $5.00 per month per account
  • Applies if combined deposit balance is less than $200, with no member initiated deposit activity for one year
  • FEE WAIVED if you have an active loan
 Overdraft Protection $5.00 per transfer
  • Fee for each overdraft transfer covering overdrafts from personal checks, ATM or debit withdrawals/purchases or preauthorized payments/deductions
  • FEE WAIVED if transfer source is a Credit Union 1 credit card, line of credit or Quick Cash loan
Courtesy Pay
Transactions $5.00 or less
Transactions $5.01 - $10.00
Transactions $10.01 - $20.00
Transactions $20.01 or more

$5.00 each
$10.00 each
$20.00 each
$22.00 each


  • Fee for each transaction paid via Courtesy Pay
  • Transaction types include, but are not limited to personal checks, ATM or debit cards, preauthorized payments or deductions
Overdraft/Overdrawn Fee

$20.00 each
  • Fee applies to any transaction paid by the credit union which increases the overdrawn balance in excess of the Courtesy Pay limit
  • Transaction types include but are not limited to ATM or debit cards
Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) $22.00 each
  • Fee applies to any transaction that, if posted, would cause the account to be overdrawn or increase the overdrawn balance
  • Transaction types include, but are not limited to, personal checks, ATM withdrawals or debit card transactions, preauthorized payments or deductions
Returned Checks   
Fee on third party checks deposited into a member's account and returned unpaid $5.00 each   -
Fee on third party checks deposited into a member's business account and returned unpaid $10.00 each  -
Fee on member's check deposited into own account and returned unpaid $20.00 each
Returned Statement $5.00 each  For mailing to a non-deliverable address
Returned Check Order  $5.00 per order  For mailing to a non-deliverable address
Stop Payment 
Applies for personal checks, preauthorized payments/deductions or Bill Pay items  $22.00 each  
When requested via ART or Online Access  $5.00 each  
Temporary Checks  $5.00
  • Packet of 12
  • FREE when opening a new spending account
Other Fees

Check Collections:
For incoming items up to $100
For incoming items $100 and more
For outgoing foreign checks


Copy of Statement or Account History


  • NO FEE for printing from Online Access
  • FEE WAIVED in branches if requesting the most recent 30 day period
Courier Fee $10.00 per delivery For delivering any check, document or item by member request

Deposit Bag

$3.00 each Zipper bag used for making deposits

Deposit/Loan Verification

$10.00 per request For processing a deposit/loan verification request from another financial institution

Garnishments & Levies

$75.00 Fee applies to each binding legal obligation held against a member’s account
General Document Copies


$2.00 per item
  • For checks, Bill Pay receipts, 1099 tax forms and Credit Union 1 check and money order copies
  • FREE if printing from Online Access
Loan Payments $5.00 Fee applies to loan payments done with a credit card (posted as a cash advance) or electronic check by phone
Research Fee  $25.00 per hour
  • For extensive research to locate member-requested item(s)
  • No charge if research originates from a Credit Union 1 error

 Click here to view or print the fee schedule   

NCUA Insured

Your savings are federally insured to at least $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

  • Branch Locations
  • Phone: (907) 339-9485
  • Toll-Free: (800) 478-2222
  • Routing #: 325272063
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