Money Messages

Credit Union 1 "Money Messages" are e-mail or text alerts that keep you up-to-date on your accounts. These messages are completely customizable, and you can choose to receive an alert for any variety of reasons. We'll notify you when your paycheck is direct deposited, your loan payment is due, or your account balance dips too low – just to name a few. Isn’t it nice to know your accounts are safe, even when you don’t have an eye on them? With Money Messages, you can enjoy this peace of mind AND protect yourself from fraud!

Money Messages are perfect for on-the-go people who needs reminders of their account activity. You can also can add multiple e-mail addresses to Money Messages. If you share a checking or savings account, each account holder will receive customized alerts!

While you’re off enjoying life, rest assured that Money Messages will keep you clued in on your accounts!


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