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The Uplifting Others Fund
Credit Union 1 is helping Alaskans whose food, health or shelter is at risk by donating a portion of every loan you finance with us to the Uplifting Others Fund.
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Uplifting Others
Valuing People
We're helping Alaskans receive direct assistance from CU1 through a nonprofit organization.
Our Goal
Through the Uplifting Others Fund, local nonprofits can apply for assistance on behalf of a client they are serving whose food, shelter or health is at risk. Priority will be given to situations that fall directly into one of these three life-saving categories, but we may also support situations that inspire a "ripple effect" such as fixing a client's car so they can get to work and earn money to pay their rent/mortgage.
Credit Union 1’s Uplifting Others Fund is supported by donations on behalf of members who finance loans with us. A portion of every consumer loan and real estate loan we finance for Alaskans is donated to this special fund.
Now, when you finance a CU1 loan toward your own life goals – or refinance an existing loan to Credit Union 1 – you’re making a much larger impact on the lives of those around you. That’s #CU1LUV at work, and we’re grateful for your support!
Our Guidelines
Requests must be made by a nonprofit 501(c)(3) on behalf of a client they are serving. Each request will be reviewed on a case by case basis for program eligibility.
To qualify for Uplifting Others assistance, the receiving individual must be an Alaskan resident. We are happy to review requests for any Alaskan resident, but priority will be given to residents that live in CU1 branch communities.
If approved, funding will be mailed or hand-delivered to the nonprofit to disperse to the individual. Limited funds are available, and individuals (via their nonprofit) are eligible for funding once per calendar year.