Bill Pay

With Credit Union 1's Bill Pay service, you'll save money on stamps, cut down on waste and rest easy while your bills are paid on time each month. 

Bill Pay is FREE with Super Saver (S78) or Premium (S77) Checking. For members without Super Saver or Premium Checking, this handy service is only $4.95 a month for consumers and $9.95 a month for businesses.

If you're looking for an easy gift idea for special occasions, Bill Pay can also send gift checks for you! Missed someone's birthday? Need to say "thanks?" Simply select a lovely piece of Bill Pay stationary, type in your message and we'll mail it right away.


Bill Pay FAQs

What can I do with Bill Pay?
With online Bill Pay, you can pay your bills automatically, 24 hours a day, from anywhere with internet access! There’s no need to buy stamps or waste gas delivering your payments. Instead, simply click a few buttons, submit, and you’re done. CU1’s Bill Pay program also allows you to send customized gift checks for special occasions or donation checks to your favorite charity.

How much does Bill Pay cost?
Bill Pay is free for members with either Super Saver or Premium Checking accounts. Otherwise, it’s $4.95 per month for consumer accounts and $9.95 per month for business accounts.

When and how is my payment made?
If your payment is submitted by noon, funds will be withdrawn at 5pm and sent out at 9am the next business day. When you set up new payments, the Bill Pay program will contact your payee to determine whether they accept electronic or paper checks. Electronic payments take approximately 48 hours to arrive at their destination, and paper payments can take up to five business days.

Can I stop payments?
You have until 9am on the day after your funds have been withdrawn to cancel the transaction. After 9am, your payment will be finalized and sent out.

Is this secure?
Absolutely! To use Bill Pay, you’ll log in with your private password and securityimage through our Online Access service at Once inside Bill Pay, you’ll set up a series of security questions, and we’ll ask one whenever you make important changes to your payments or account info. This way, we can protect your identity and security in multiple ways!

What are the “gift” and “donation” check options for?
Good question! With gift checks, you can choose your favorite stationary, attach a special message, and we’ll mail your personalized present for you. Customized gift checks are $2.99 each. Customized donation checks are $1.99, and we’ll send them straight to your charity of choice! With gift and donation checks, the service fee will be withdrawn from your account when you submit your request – however, the amount of the check will not be withdrawn from your account until the recipient cashes it.

Bill Pay Setup

Do I need any special programs on my computer to use Bill Pay?
If you already use Online Access, you won’t need anything additional to use Bill Pay. However, “Safari” browser users will need to enable plug-ins, Java, and Java Script under Safari> Internet Preferences> Security. Also, make sure you uncheck the “block pop-up windows” option.

How do I add a new bill?
It’s easy! Simply select “payees” from the top bar, and choose “add a payee” in the drop- down menu. Next, you’ll choose what type of payee you need (i.e., a company or individual) and enter your payment information (i.e., the payee’s name, phone number, your account number with them, etc.). After your payee is set-up, we’ll email you an activation code to confirm your identity, and once you type it into the “activate payee” box, you’re all set!

How do I change payee information?
Select “payees” from the top bar, choose “view payees” in the drop-down menu, and click “edit” next to the payee’s name.

What does an “Over Maximum Transfer” message mean?
This message is in compliance with Federal Reserve Regulation D. Regulation D allows only 6 preauthorized transfers and/or third party transactions per month from a savings account. Checking accounts do not have these limitations. You will only encounter this message if your bills are paid from a money market, premium, or regular savings account.

How do I know if a company or individual has received my payment?
Similar to paying a bill with your personal check, you can’t tell exactly when a company or individual receives your payment, but you will be able to see when the check clears your account if you visit “payment history” in the “payments” drop-down menu. In the “payment history” screen, you can use the left hand search menu to specify what bill you’re looking for.

What if there are not enough funds in my account?
Bill Pay will make one attempt to submit your payment. If you do not have enough funds available, the payment will be rejected and you may incur a non-sufficient funds fee (NSF). However, if Overdraft Privilege is enabled on your account, the payment will be processed as usual and you will be assessed an Overdraft Privilege fee.

What is the “add secondary account holder” option for?
Since our Bill Pay program was created by an outside vendor, it does not automatically populate secondary account holders from your Credit Union 1 account. If you would like to add a secondary account holder to Bill Pay so that he/she can use this service as well, you can add him/her manually by logging into Bill Pay and clicking “add secondary account holder” at the top left of the screen. Each Bill Pay account can only have one secondary account holder.

How do I cancel Bill Pay service?
If you need to cancel your service, Credit Union 1’s Member Service Center can assist you at (907) 339-9485 or (800) 478-2222.


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