Every Member
Has a Story...

Each of our members is unique. Each has their own life, dreams, and goals. They’re a part of this community—heck, they ARE this community. They go to kids soccer games, work hard each and every day to put food on the table for their families, and whenever there’s a little extra money they go out on the weekend to celebrate! 

Some are saving for college, putting money aside for retirement, taking care of their elders or thinking about buying a new car. Others are wondering how to afford diapers this month or thinking about dipping into their 401K to make ends meet.  

Our members are young, old, single and married, parents and grandparents. We’ve got electricians, bakers, businessmen, and accountants. Each one of them is passionate about— well— what they’re passionate about! They laugh, love, and live life to the fullest. They give back to their community or sometimes need a little extra to make it through themselves.

And this is what makes Credit Union 1 so great! The fact that we get to be a part of thousands of stories of success. Not the punch line or the hero—we’re not the reason people succeed—just a part of their story.  Credit Union 1 is an organization that behaves differently not just to benefit our members but because of our members.  

Because that’s what a credit union truly is: not some big, rich, stodgy financial organization or bank. A credit union is simply a bunch of regular people trying to help other people.

And that's why the story of Credit Union 1 is really the stories of our members.

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